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Thursday, July 8, 2010


I logged 1,000 words on July 1st, but the goal was 1,600. I even set up a reward system for myself. I also came up with a solid (not totally unreasonable) list of excuses, such as:

  • I should really be packing for my 4th of July vacation.
  • The apartment needs to be cleaned.
  • The Rabbit needs a walk. Desperately. Or he will never stop licking my toes.
  • I have to chat with my friends.
  • My blog needs to be updated.
  • I have banged on my keyboard so hard that it is missing the ‘m’ key. How can I type without it?

These things, and a few others, managed to sideline the remaining 600 words. Pity.

Got any good excuses?


  1. There are BILLIONS of ways to avoid writing, and counting them is one of those ways.

    Something that seems to help me is getting away from my usual writing area. Take the laptop to another room and completely disconnect. Turn off the phone, etc. I usually avoid going anywhere public though. Too many questions.

  2. Ahaha true. I do love to make lists though!

    I've never been a fan of working at Starbucks. I get paranoid about people reading over my shoulder!