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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


One of the most valuable lessons I learned from Taos Toolbox is the lesson of routine. Even as a writer - a creative type - it’s important to have a schedule for writing. This way your mind and body come to expect to write at the same time, same place, every day.

I’ve allotted two hours in the afternoons to writing. I’m supposed to unplug my computer, sit back, and stare at the screen until drops of blood appear on my finger tips.

So far, I’m about 75% successful.

In some ways I think it would be much easier if I lived in the pre-computer age. There would be less twittering happening. But also, I find that when presented with a pen and pad of paper, I feel the need to fill it up with thoughts. But oh, how I would miss spell check.

What are your writing habits?


  1. Rum, video games and... wait, 'writing habits?' Ah yes.

    I shoot for about 1500 a day and don't feel too badly if I only make 1000.

    I couldn't do this without the computer. I'm just way too used to the convenience.

  2. I definitely couldn't do anything without the computer. I used to try to write little short stories on notepads when I was like 7 and traveling. They sucked.

    1500 is a mighty goal! I'm wobbling around 800, although I really need to push that number up quite a bit this week!