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Friday, February 11, 2011

Sin City Scribblers Post-Mortem

I always have trouble writing reflections on major events. First, because my memory is utter shit, but mostly because I feel so much in the moment, that afterwards everything is just a little blander. I can never do a memory justice.

That said, I'll try! This past weekend I spent time with some of my favorite friends - fellow writers from all across the States. We converged in Las Vegas (major hearts from me!) for three days of intensive critiquing, plot breaking, eating, and adventuring.

We managed to squeeze in seven critiques and one plot break, and we started every work day at 10 a.m. or earlier. By Sunday at 12:30 we had even managed to rearrange Eric Kelley's novel, which only further confirmed to be that plot breaking = total win. My critique went very well! I received mixed feedback on how much the ending was liked, but this generated a fantastic conversation about where I could take the story. I've since revised it and sent it off (under the gun) to the Potlatch workshop for March.

In the evenings we explored Vegas. We saw the Lions at MGM, the shops at Caesar's, LOVE (a Cirque du Soleil production), and even ate at Sage, one of Aria's new restaurants. It was to-die-for, and the our waiter was snarky perfection.

Perhaps the best part of the weekend was reconnecting with my Taos alums, and also meeting two VP alums, Cath and Miranda. Big shout-outs to you, ladies! I do hope this workshop continues in future years, wherever and whenever. I will always try my darnedest to be there!

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