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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Westercon 64 Rundown

I can't believe this is my third con this year! It feels like FOGCon and Potlatch happened so long ago. And in some ways, they are all blurring together.

Westercon was held in the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose. May I say, major props to the location. It was spacious and there are plenty of dining choices nearby.

As for the con itself, it was small. Much smaller than expected, clearly. The rooms felt crowded in by all the chairs, 95% of them empty. I was glad for the chance to spend some time with my dad, and to see Erin Hoffman on a number of panels. I made a few new friends, but not so many as I did at FOGCon or Potlatch, and certainly not even close to the friendships I formed at NASFIC.

I do plan to go to the next Westercon in Seattle next year, because the GOH will be Robin Hobb. But right now, I'm pretty lukewarm about this con. Still super excited for Renovation though!!

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