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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Future Cons

My mind is decidedly one-track these days. Despite having written out some new story ideas, I haven't gotten much actual writing down. Revising, yes. So there's some good in that.

But mostly I'm thinking about the future. I'm intrigued by more Cons than I can possibly manage (damnit, COSine, why'd you have to get Sharon Shinn??), but here's the list of ones I do hope to attend in the future:

BayCon 2011: in late May, featuring Toastmaster Martin Young
Westercon 64: July 4th weekend in San Jose featuring GoH Patricia A. McKillip (squee!)
Renovation 2011: Conveniently in Reno, NV August 17 - 21

I think, in addition to writer's groups, workshops, etc. I may be able to manage one more. This year I participated in Taos Toolbox as well as NASFiC. I'm debating trying to get to MileHi Con, but that might be a bridge too far.

How do people manage all of these conventions? And more importantly - how do they resist!?


  1. Cons and conferences mean that suddenly a lot of travel is writing-related. Happily I've always liked to travel anyway so it's not a huge deal.

    My con-going schedule for the next fourteen months is insane. We'll see how many I actually get to - I only have a membership to one so far.

  2. Hi Amy! Well I hope we can attend a few together, especially those in the bay area :) I'm not big on travel but some things are inevitable... and as long as it's around the U.S. I'm quite alright with it.