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Friday, January 21, 2011

Review: Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Just a quick review - I like to do book reviews in under 100 words. Rapid fire reviews, anyone?

[image via indiebound]

Graceling is slow to start, but finishes strong and brilliant, right on target. Katsa is a difficult protagonist to love, but you do come to accept, if not worship, her by the end. And Po is a hero worthy of the ages.

I'm not sure it's my pick for 2010, but I can see why it's garnered so much respect.


  1. I preferred her follow-up book *Fire* myself. It's set in the same world as *Graceling* but only shares one character in common.

  2. Hey Amy! I read the preview of "Fire" - I think it was the first chapter. Thing is, I found Katsa difficult enough to like. Not sure I could handle a whole book about Leck!

  3. Leck isn't the protagonist of the second book. I found the protag (whose name I can't recall right now) to be more sympathetic than Katsa ... although I did like Katsa too, so who knows! :)