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Monday, January 24, 2011


Ah, universe, sometimes your love shines brightly.

I'm a big fan of twitter, and when I used to blog professionally, I had the opportunity to enter (and host) lots of contests and even some tweetups. These days I've been considerably less involved, although I do score some free products every now and again.

Earlier this month NASA dangled a carrot: 100 people would be picked to attend an exclusive Tweetup at the NASA Ames Center, conveniently located nearby. I jumped at the chance.

And, somehow I was picked!

The list of tweeps attending can be found here. Many are space aficiandos, radio hosts, etc. I feel very lucky to be among them. Even more exciting? NASA wants us to be super web-friendly while on the premises. We can tweet, take pictures, bring our laptops, whatever. I'm hoping this will be an excellent opportunity to talk to a few astronauts (!!) and round up some story ideas.

If not, though, I still find space to be a completely fascinating subject. I'll post a rundown of events, and some photos, after the tweetup!

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