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Friday, January 14, 2011


I started off today's piece thinking about writing, about how I write. I planned to crow about finishing up my first horror story (but it's not really done yet, so I'll save that for another rainy day).

I got thinking about the process of writing, and how much my work space means to me. I'm not obsessively attached to this setup; I can write well sometimes in the darnedest places, like my grandparents' living room in Florida. But usually, this is where I write quickly, and where I write better.

Ta da! My Asus laptop also powers the big, beautiful 22" LCD my fiance gave me for Christmas. I keep my Acer netbook nearby because I'm terrible about transferring files. The notepad and ipod are for when real life creeps in to my writing cloud, and I have to do or write something down quickly before getting back to work.

It's not a perfect space, but it's my space. And I love it.

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